Fun-filled Easter Sunday traditions for families

From one family to another, holidays are celebrated differently. There are some traditions, however, on Easter specifically, that remain consistent, whether that’s a scavenger hunt or capturing the Easter bunny.

April Peach

A trail of chocolate eggs tends to lead to a good surprise. These trails are a classic tradition for Easter morning. April Peach/Kicker

There are a handful of different ways that Easter is celebrated. Children, in particular, love setting up a trap for the Easter bunny

This is done by propping up a cardboard box with a stick or ruler and placing bait (carrots) underneath it in the hope of luring the bunny inside.

Another way of catching the bunny is by leaving out flour in the hope of seeing some rabbit footprints left behind in the white powder. 

Trina Hatcher-Bouzane, a mother of three, has always planned something fun to do with her children on Easter Sunday. 

“We did just do an egg hunt, egg decorating and bunny cake making,” Hatcher-Bouzane said. “The kids also always got a new Spring outfit every year. Activities changed depending on their interests, especially with them all being four-and-a-half years apart.”

Such activities included making the egg hunts more difficult or more interactive, as well as leaving the crafts behind in favour of going out that afternoon to do something instead, like going to see a movie or going out to dinner. 

While her children may be older now, she will forever cherish the memories they made.

There is a pink, blue, and orange egg beside one that is half painted with pink, purple, yellow, and blue colors. Beside that one is a bunny face, painted with yellow and pink. Behind those are paintbrushes and the paint caps, which is next to a white tea cup full of water. In the background is a laptop screen with white daisies on it.
Doing Easter crafts during the holiday is a good way to pass the time. Decorating eggs is one of the most popular. April Peach/Kicker

Some also celebrate in ways that don’t revolve around treats at all. Michael Kelly, an avid chocolate enthusiast, notes that he got other prizes on Easter Sunday as well. 

“When I woke up on Easter Sunday, I got lots of different chocolate and candles. That’s about it, though.”

While being gifted candles on Easter Sunday is typically a religious act, Kelly simply liked having them. 

The festivities of this holiday are fun to do as both parent and child. What’s better is the chocolate and candy egg scavenger hunt that is so tightly connected to Easter and brings fun for the whole family.

The traditions come in many shapes and sizes, but according to Hatcher-Bouzane, one thing stays the same for everyone: The best part of any holiday such as this is spending quality time with your loved ones and making memories. 

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