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Blind crossing

March 22, 2018 Arthur Green 0

It’s tough enough crossing a busy street but imagine doing it blindly. That’s exactly what some folks face every day. But as Kicker’s Arthur Craig Green tells us, help is on the way.

Kicker Radio

The pride of Marystown

March 1, 2018 Arthur Green 0

Kaetlyn Osmond’s medal performances in South Korea have captured the hearts of fans in her old hometown. Arthur Green Kicker


A town on edge

February 22, 2018 Arthur Green 0

Recent robberies and home invasions in the town of Whitbourne have some citizens concerned. The RCMP has provided 10 tips for people to secure their properties in the community.

Audio Stories

Furever Dog Mom

February 6, 2018 Arthur Green 0

Senior dogs have different care requirements than younger dogs. Holly Edwards speaks about the pain of losing her best friend.


The story of Ben

February 1, 2018 Arthur Green 0

Ben Cox was an emergency room nurse who lost it all due to drug addiction  but has since turned his life around.