A kicker  has  long had a meaning specific to newspaper headlines: A line of newspaper type set above a headline usually in a different typeface and intended to provoke interest in, editorialize about, or provide orientation for the matter in the copy heads.

Though ‘kicker’ has long referred to the line above a headline, some have started using the term to describe a surprising or poignant revelation at the end of an article.

– Merriam-Webster

Kicker is a publication of CNA journalism students. Along with a radio show, each week students inform and tell the stories of their fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in words, images, video and during a live weekly webcast.

The student-produced content is monitored by CNA journalism instructors, but the students create it, shape it and present it. It’s their work.

With their own newsroom and broadcast centre located at the CNA Prince Phillip Drive campus in St. John’s, our team of reporters work tirelessly to bring to light stories that need to be told and stories that should be told.

We hope the words and images on this site will inform you, entertain you and move you.

Acknowledgements: Much thanks to CNA student graphic artist Lindsey Brennan for designing our logo, graphic arts instructor  J. Barry for coordinating her involvement, and web developer Sterling Tulk for his advice and support.