St. John’s dietitians host spring cooking class for children

Your Dominion Dietitians Team is hosting a spring cooking class to let children to get hands-on experience in baking.

Clifton Tam

Heidi Murphy, a registered dietitian with Dominion, standing beside of the fruit session with a smile on her face.
Heidi Murphy, a registered dietitian with Dominion, is one of the organizers of a cooking class for children. She says she is looking forward to have the class on Friday. Clifton Tam/Kicker

On March 24, from 6:30 – 8 p.m. , a class at the Memorial Market Dominion will teach children how to prepare spring fruit pizza, bunny munch trail mix and carrot cake bites under the guidance of experienced dietitians.

Workshops such as this can be a simulation for kids who are interested in cooking and baking.

To ensure safety, children will use child-safe choppers instead of real knives. Although the workshop is designed as a drop-off and pick-up session, parents are welcome to stay if they choose.

Heidi Murphy, a registered dietitian with Dominion, says the event can help promote good habits in children. She believes it can prevent picky eating.

“We know that when children cook and are involved with the cooking process, they are learning new skills,” Murphy said. “It’s about development and often gets them trying new foods.”

Parents and caregivers can drop their children off at the event while they shop around Dominion for their groceries, Murphy says. She is a parent herself and appreciates when she is able to have some time on her own.

Registration is available via Facebook Messenger or email until Friday morning. The cost of the class is $25 per child, payable in advance online or in-person at the store.

Dr. Laura Pacheco, an assistant professor with Memorial’s school of social work, sees the value in children’s cooking classes.

“Organizing workshop and activities for children can be a way of helping to strengthen families, to connect families, to also see your parents and children in a different light,” Pacheco said.

Activities such as cooking classes, Pacheco says, not only benefit children’s development but can also inspire their future plans. Some might even want to pursue a career in cooking.

Murphy says cooking classes are an excellent opportunity for children to build interest in cooking, learn a new skill and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

“Just come with a smile on [your] face,” said Murphy.

“Learning to cook is fun.”

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