Life after the people’s House

Political figures adapt as they return to private life.

Arthur Green

Leaving politics is never an easy decision. Whether by choice, downfall, or family reasons – it can sometimes be a huge adjustment returning to private life.

Former MHA George Murphy served from 2011-2015 and went from shouting down the premier in the House of Assembly to taking calls for taxis at Jiffy Cabs.

“I can’t take this job seriously unless someone gets really upset,” said Murphy. “Dispatching is one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I have no regrets.”

But, said Murphy, his dream job still alludes him.

“Although, being a talk show host is my ultimate dream job.”

George Murphy pauses in between calls at Jiffy headquarters to hold up a picture from a recent fishing trip. Since leaving politics, he says he loves spending time with his family.  Arthur Green/Kicker

Sam Slade, former Liberal MHA was in office from 2013 to 2015, and returned to being a fisherman.

“Life has totally changed since I left politics,” Slade said. “I no longer have the personal connection with people that I once had.”

Slade currently lives in Carbonear, but is not planning to stay away from politics for long. He has future plans to run for mayor of the town in September 2017.

Jack Harris was a long-serving MHA and an MP for the New Democratic Party. He lost his federal seat to Justin Trudeau and the red wave in the last federal election. His political career spanned a quarter century.

“Not being involved in politics has been a drastic change of lifestyle,” Harris said. “I no longer travel back and forth to Ottawa once a week, and have been making the most of my time.”

Harris says he misses political life and would go back if the opportunity arose again.

“It has been a great privilege to serve, be engaged with and represent the public,” said Harris. “It’s open for debate with the election so far away, but I’m ready to go back for another four years.”

Family, it seems, is the big winner in a life after politics.

“I’ve lived at the high end, I’ve lived at the low end, time has more value than money ever did,” Murphy said. “I’ve learned to put value on other things, family being number one.”