Potential students attend CNA open house

College of the North Atlantic’s Prince Philip Drive Campus in St. John’s hosted an open house Wednesday. The aim of the event was to showcase the programs it offers to possible future students.

Nick Travis

Jillian Penny and Andrew Best perform Wednesday at an open house. The music students performed throughout the day while high school students and others checked out what programs are offered on campus. Nick Travis/Kicker

ST. JOHN’S – As more high school students poured into the College of the North Atlantic gymnasium on Prince Philip Drive, groups wandered to the booths lining the gym to learn about programs offered at the campus.

Faron Barnes, the recreational activities coordinator at the college, talked about promoting the programs to the local high schools.

“Open houses are a great way to get students in to actually see what’s happening in the programs, and we do have a lot of our labs and shops open so students can get in and do tours of those areas as well. Just to have everything housed in one area is a great benefit to the students.”

High school students aren’t the only ones looking at programs at CNA.

“I’m looking at the idea of possibly going back to school, so I thought I’d come check out the programs that CNA offers,” said Andrew Skinner, an adult who attended the open house.

“I like that there’s a live band,,” said Skinner. “(It) kind of creates a nice atmosphere. I like that at least the people I’ve spoken to so far have been very engaging, very welcoming. I like that, makes me feel good as a prospective student, for sure.”

Man giving thumbs up
Patrick Newhook, a former engineering technology student, attends an open house at the Prince Philip Drive campus of College of the North Atlantic. Nick Travis/Kicker 

Another student checking out what’s available at CNA was Patrick Newhook.

“I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with my career path yet,” said Newhook. “So, when I heard about this here, I figured it would be a great opportunity to see what’s on the go at Prince Philip Drive.”

According to Barnes, the turnout for the open house was good.

“We’ve had a good flow of traffic throughout the day. I think we’ve had 10 to 12 schools represented, and the numbers have been well.”

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