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April Fool’s!

April 1, 2021 Griffen Stuckless 0

April Fool’s Day is here! To celebrate, Kicker’s Griffen Stuckless brings you some Newfoundland residents’ favourite pranks. Griffen Stuckless Kicker News

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Animal shelters hindered by COVID-19

March 11, 2021 Tanner Hudson 0

There are several animal shelters that help care for strays before delivering them to a new home. But when the first wave of COVID-19 came, these shelters found themselves restricted in how much they could […]

Allie Ruigrok sits and does her job remotely.
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Rounding year one of the pandemic

March 11, 2021 James Grudic 0

As the pandemic turns one year old today, people are reflecting on how their perspectives have changed in that time. James Grudic Kicker No one could predict how things would go after a global pandemic […]