This machine talks back

A new computer program developed by Australian composer, saxophonist and technologist Ben Carey allows musicians to improvise with a computer

Andrew Waterman

Music and technology are no strangers.

But Ben Carey’s computer program-derivations, certainly makes that relationship stranger – or at least a little more complicated.

Students and faculty at the Memorial school of music reached Australian composer and technologist over Skype on Oct. 27. Carey spoke to the group about his program _derivations.


To hear Ellen Waterman improvise on the flute with _derivations, click below.

Professor of music and flautist Ellen Waterman specializes in improvisation. _derivations brings that concept to a whole new level. Andrew Waterman/Kicker

To hear Jing Xia improvise on her Guzheng (Chinese zither) click below.

PHD student Jing Xia improvises on the Guzheng (Chinese Zither). The program _derivations takes the sounds she’s making, alters them and sends them back to her. Andrew Waterman/Kicker

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