Maker of monsters

St. John’s Jamie Stamp is creating nightmares for Halloween.

Jamie Stamp
Jaime Stamp will be busy this Halloween, making everyone look like a zombie. The St. John’s resident is a professional makeup artist. Amy Cleary/Kicker

Amy Cleary

Jaime Stamp, creator of horrors, picked an appropriate location to display her killer talents – The Anglican Cemetery in St. John’s.

The horror effects makeup artist, who showed up in a full undead costume, summed up her career inspiration in a single sentence.

“I love horror,” said Stamp.

Her makeup, she says, is all natural.

“I used coffee grinds today for this and then coloured it with grease paints. The pus in my cuts is banana,” said Stamp.

A graduate from QC Makeup Academy, an Ottawa-based online school, the 20-year-old has been working with the St. John’s horror community for less than a year, but her work is already being recognized. Local actress Jessie Cole says Stamp is ghoulishly good.

“Jaime and I were on set working with the film Tomorrow’s Headline,” said Cole. “I played a role which required cuts, bruising and running makeup. She did a fantastic job. Her passion for makeup shines through her energy and she did so well that people on the set would walk by and comment on how real it is.”

Stamp doesn’t just bring other people’s nightmares to life – she has her own film credits.

“I actually make my own short films,” said Stamp. “I competed in The Nickel’s 48-Hour Horror Short Film Challenge last year and it required a lot of guts which I made with corn syrup, food colouring, and cotton balls.”

Stamp’s horror isn’t just for movies, it’s also available to the public. With her business, a social media-based company called Geek and Gore, she’s willing to bring her horror to anyone who hires her.

“I’ll do whatever you need for whatever event that you may need me for,” said Stamp.

Michael Lawlor, with Catching Amistad Productions, says talented make-up artists like Stamp can be found across the island and his company understands the importance of supporting local professionals.

“It’s important to hire local talent, especially if they are good at what they do, because it allows us to showcase what our province has to offer and let’s us help grow and develop our resources,” said Lawlor.
“It gives them a chance at contributing effectively to the growing community.”

For more terror, Stamp can be found on Facebook or check a local graveyard.

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