Rocket Man Elton John soars on farewell tour

The career of Elton John spans the decades – from the era of 45s to CDs to streaming. Saying he is an icon would be an understatement.

Therese MacAdam

Elton concert
ScotiaBank Arena was filled to capacity Sept. 25 for Elton John. Therese MacAdam/Kicker

ScotiaBank Arena, a hallowed hockey hall with legendary Toronto Maple Leaf players lining the ceiling, made way for another legend last week.

Elton John rocked the stage of the Scotia Bank Arena on Sept. 25 in the first of two sold-out concerts in Toronto for his goodbye tour, taking a final bow to an audience of very enthusiastic fans.

“(Elton’s music) brings me back to my teenage years,” said one fan, who said Bennie and the Jets and Tiny Dancer were her favourite songs by the Rocket Man.

Elton John has a long history of performing in Toronto with his first show in 1972 at Maple Leaf Gardens. He has had 24 shows since that time including the Sept. 25 concert. John is scheduled to appear again in Toronto on Oct. 22 and 23.

One scalper said he was selling tickets for $200. They were probably the cheap seats because another scalper said that he would take much as he could get.

The crowd outside the centre was frenzied to get into see the singer as the lineup outside the door was to the street.

The atmosphere inside the arena was as intimate as you could get for a 19,800-capacity arena. Elton played all night on a piano that glided across the stage in front of a giant movie screen and techno lighting effects.

Family connection

During pivotal moments between songs, Elton would tell the audience a little about his life and career. He told the audience how difficult it was for him in the beginning of his career and that he never thought he would be this successful.

John noted that his career has spanned from the era of 45s to 8-tracks to cassettes to music streaming. Yet, he still has something to offer for every generation.

Elton thanked many people for his success including his band on the stage with him, saying that they were the best band he has ever assembled. He also thanked his writing partner Bernie Taupin for writing the lyrics.

In a touching moment, he thanked his husband, Torontonian David Furnish, for his love and support along with family in the audience. John also thanked the audience for attending his shows and buying his music.



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