Turning struggle into stride

A local university student is making a short film called I Found Myself,  a representation of women who have used their hardships to build their successes.

Ashley Sheppard,
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Meghan Fillier manages to juggle the production her short film and her school work at Memorial University.

Meghan Fillier’s late grandmother always told her to cherish the good and push through the bad. This piece of advice inspired her to begin creating her short film, I Found Myself.

Fillier says everyday people hold the most captivating stories. In her film, she hopes to bring to life the tales of successful women who have had their share of struggle.

“It’s about taking struggle and heartbreak and conflict in your life and being able to turn that into something beautiful,” said Fillier.

Fillier is a sociology major at Memorial University with minimal experience as a filmmaker. She says she has always been artistic, which is something that’s cherished and embraced in her family. Her grandmother pushed her to pursue her love for photography and film, so this piece will be dedicated to her.

“She really encouraged me to nurture my artistic side,” said Fillier.

It was only a few weeks ago that Fillier decided to make the final decision and begin the production of her film. She says because she is comfortable academically, now is an ideal time for her to start acting on her passion – not only for film but also for people. Her Canon Rebel t4 was just laying around – so she decided to pick it up and begin shooting.

Finding herself

After dealing with inner turmoil of her own, Fillier said that she has finally found herself.

A tornado of circumstances led Fillier to struggle just last year. Her grandparents’ passing and her personal experience with mental health issues had Fillier in a state of hopelessness.

However, upon self-reflection, Fillier said she has discovered what matters most to her. She’s begun making time for self-expression and now finds joy in all things artistic.

“I was dealing with so much that I completely neglected the artistic side of myself, but this year I feel completely rejuvenated,” said Fillier. “I think all the times I was struggling in my life last year are being made up for this year with the many things I’m getting to see and do, including this short film.”

The film will feature Jenny Mallard, a musician who has faced rejection and used it to build her solo career as an artist. After being turned down for her classical talent, Mallard has since taken a different approach in her music. Mallard said she began pursuing a career in business. She still performs at bars and coffee shops but also coordinates concerts and musical events.

Mallard was thrilled when Fillier asked her to be featured in the film. She said that the process for her has been nothing but pleasant and that the questions Fillier asked made her reflect on her progress as a musician.

“Some of them had to do with music but a lot of them had to do with personal growth,” said Mallard.

I Found Myself’ will be submitted to the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival in late April. However, the festival itself is to be held October 17-21. Fillier said it would be an honour for her film to make the top 40-60 they showcase.

“I want people to watch it and I want them to be able to relate to the people featured in it.”


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