Birthday coming up? Treat yourself to a cake smash celebration

Say it’s your birthday, and you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate and relive the memories from your fading childhood. Say you do that by diving face first into your favorite cake.

Erica Yetman

Amanda Bearns prepares to smash some cake on her birthday. Karlee Wight photo

Smashing your face into a cake in front of a camera may not seem like the ideal way to celebrate turning another year older, but to Karlee Wight it seemed like the perfect celebration.

Most of us have seen toddlers celebrating their first, second or third birthdays with the classic cake-smash photoshoot. Their parents let them loose on a cake and the results are sickly sweet and messy pictures that will likely be hauled out at family events for the rest of eternity.

Well, thanks to Pinterest, adults have decided it’s time they have some cake-smashing fun, too. The internet is flooded with fun new photoshoot ideas, and that’s where Karlee Wight of Wight Photography found her inspiration to offer the decadently delightful shoots to clients of all ages.

“I was thinking about it, but I’d never actually seen anyone do it,” said Wight. “So I thought to myself maybe I should give this a try.”

Armed with an idea, Wight took to Facebook groups offering a free session to find a willing model, and she was floored by the number of responses she received. Wight ended up picking some lucky winners and gave them a birthday shoot to remember.

“I have about 40 people booked now,” said Wight. “I have people booked right up until December.”

Cake smash craze

Amanda Bearns is one of the lucky few that had the opportunity to partake in a cake-smash with Wight. Though she admits it’s something out of her comfort zone, it was an experience she will remember for many birthdays to come.

“I am not a person to be in front of a camera at all,” said Bearns . “I have been very self-conscious for a huge part of my life, so obviously this was a huge step for me.”

Wight decks clients out in adult-sized tutus and hair bows and sits them in front of streamers to stuff their faces. So far her experiences have been nothing but positive.

“It’s honestly a ball,” said Wight. “It’s a real laugh.”

Bearns was so nervous for her cake-smash she even considered canceling the night before. But once she met with Wight and got in front of the camera her nervousness melted away.

“Life is so short; do something for yourself,” said Bearns. “With all that is going on in the world and the stress of everyday life, it’s time to do something fun for yourself. You will not regret it.”

At the end of the day, you’re never too old to have fun.

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