Newfoundland’s Coupon Craze

The answer to a tight budget. If you’re couponing, you’re not alone.

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Margaret Harvey

On Facebook, there’s a localized group called Coupon Queens of Newfoundland. There are more than 11,000 members, and the numbers keep growing.

Becca Fitzgerald, an administrator of the group, has shared files to help other couponers improve on their existing process, as well as help new people get started on couponing and saving money.

Dominion has coupons in the front of their stores whereas Sobey’s, No Frill’s and Shoppers Drug Mart have them throughout their stores.

In the group, a lot of members give you a heads-up on good deals they see while they’re out shopping. It can be used as an additional source to save money. Some even offer to trade coupons for other coupons, but there’s another group for that called Newfoundland Coupon Queen Traders.

Fitzgerald has shared files titled “Senior Discounts,” “Price Matching & SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice),” and more. This is a taste of her file called “Getting Started? Read This!

Cash Back Apps include Checkout 51, Caddle and Zweet. All are available for both Apple and Android products.

You can find physical coupons around town. Dominion has a coupon board right at the front of the store. Sobeys, No Frills, Foodland and Shoppers Drug Mart also have coupons throughout their stores.

The most popular way to use coupons is to print them at home. Just make sure you use Canadian websites. Among the Canadian websites Fitzgerald mentioned were, and tasty rewards.

A smart website to dive further into couponing would be Canadian Free Stuff.


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