Have no fear, good monsters are here

Monsters Enguehard aims to keep away the boogeyman.

Mike Moore

Susan Enguehard and Crystal Rose have created a monster, literally, as the pair have begun producing their own line of children’s stuffed toys aimed at making children feel safe while sleeping at night.

“Monsters Enguehard started as a group of monsters who wanted to know more about humans,”  reads a tiny blurb Enguehard and Rose had written as a company mission statement. “When they learned that the tiny humans feared the scary sounds in the night, they discovered their new mission to stay on guard and keep the tiny human safe while they slept.”

Rose, the company’s “monster wrangler,” says the idea came to her by seeing similar products offered online, but nothing out of Newfoundland.

“I have a child, so since I’ve had him I’ve kind of just been seeing things online, different things that are available,” Rose said. “In Ontario, they have the nightmare nibbler but it’s like a doll and a book, and in California they have these creatures that light up in the night, night light bugs. There’s nothing like that here for kids. I was searching and didn’t find anything so I thought it would be kind of cute.”

The Monsters Enguehard line features four different monsters, each with their own backstory, a tooth fairy pillow, and a magic monster repellent which comes in a spray bottle with instructions on how to keep monsters away before lights out.


Each monster has its own story. These four, as created by Susan Enguehard, left, and Crystal Rose, are tasked with keeping children safe as they sleep at night. Mike Moore/Kicker

Each monster is handmade by Enguehard and Rose.

Craft fairs are their storefront, however, a growing Facebook presence with a shop feature allows the pair to get started on online sales according to Enguehard.

“It’s still building up,” Enguehard said. “The first day we launched our site was the day that we went to the craft fair. We had 50 likes that day which I thought was pretty cool.”

Enguehard says the name of the company is a play on words from her own last name.

“My last name is Enguehard and it’s often mispronounced as En Garde, so the name kind of comes from that – Monsters En Garde.”

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