‘The subscription box industry is becoming big’

Entrpeneaur Tara Lehman aims to bring fun back into date night for couples.

One St. John’s business woman has created an innovative way to spice up date night for local couples.

Jason Sheppard

It’s date night, but more and more couples are choosing instead to spend the special night at home.

Local entrepreneur Tara Lehman felt there could be something which might appeal to couples looking to put the date back in date night. The result was Date Mail – a subscription mail service that caters to couples looking to add a little more variety to their relationship endeavours.

Local entrepreneur Tara Lehman has had success with her Date Mail subscription service. The service mails packages to couples looking for a surprise on date night. Submitted photo

The service sends packages to couples who are unaware of what they’re receiving until it arrives on their doorstep.

“Everybody really enjoys the idea of not knowing,” said Lehman. “The ideas they need for a date night are in there – it makes date night.”

Lehman launched Date Mail in January and so far the response has been more than she anticipated.

“I expected clients to be just in Newfoundland,” said Lehman.

But now she has clients in Ontario, British Columbia and more. She says the turning point was when bloggers began spreading the word about her project, specifically ayearofboxes.com – a website which reviews mail subscription services. It was a major force, she said, in spreading the word about Date Mail.

Darcy Matthews is one of her clients.

“Everybody could sometimes use a boost in their relationship,” said Matthews. “This time of year, it’s a struggle for couples.”

Matthews says when the first Date Mail package arrived, she was eager to open it. She says it’s a fun way for couples to spend an evening together.

Surprisingly, many of Lehman’s signups have been men. When Lehman attended the Ultimate Bridal show event, held the weekend before Valentine’s Day in St. John’s, she says every male was interested.

Although Date Mail is geared towards couples, Lehman says it does not contain “naughty” items.

Tvali is one of the companies Tara Lehman uses for her Date Mail service. Lotions, soap and a chocolate scented facial mask are just some of the items couples may find upon receiving their Date Mail parcel. Jason Sheppard/Kicker

“It’s not a sex toy box. I put softer items in there – such as massage oil,” she said.

Lehman is now busy planning future theme boxes including a “Shades of Chocolate” package she is preparing to launch in March. She picks out the items herself.

“I’ve stalked other company’s – seen what they do and tweak it to my own,” she said.

She works with a few local companies including the Newfoundland Chocolate Co. and Tvali to help assemble her packages and she is hoping to get more companies involved.

“Anyone is welcome to approach me,” Lehman said. “The subscription box industry is becoming big with online shoppers – it’s becoming the way to shop.”