‘Making that connection with other artists will hopefully make this a success’

Krista Legge never considered herself an artist, but now she’s painting the town red with a team of local artists beside her.

Emily Lyver

Standing beneath the fireworks on the first day of 2016, Krista Legge decided that this would be her year.

Legge says she wanted 2016 to be a time of self-discovery. To do this, she would need to step out of her comfort zone and open some doors of opportunity.

Her first opportunity came in a casting call from The Huffington Post. The call was for a personality in St. John’s for an episode of Like A Tourist and a friend encouraged her to audition. At first she was skeptical. But, determined to stick with her resolution, she applied, and was eventually selected.

Krista Legge and her dog Coco always keep their home full of art. Legge started an art group for local artists called Artsirk. Emily Lyver/Kicker

During an interview inside her downtown home, already filled with a variety of artwork, the show’s producer casually regarded her as an artist. The comment took Legge aback; she told the producer she’d never thought of herself as an artist before.

Legge says she’s had a lifelong love for art, but after encountering a less than nurturing art teacher in high school, she let it go for quite some time.

“She never really encouraged me,” said Legge. “And I really kind of felt like, well, maybe I’m not good enough.”

Not long after filming wrapped up for the episode, Legge decided she was going to try and create a market for herself. She began editing the photographs she’d accumulated over the years and worked on her paintings, preparing to sell her work both online and at craft shows.

Then, a friend of hers reached out, and suggested she sell his art as well. Soon other local artists began contacting her, and in time she began seeking out artists herself until she suddenly had enough people involved to form a small company. And thus Artsirk – an anagram of Legge’s first name – was born.

Anthony Allen, a longtime friend who has helped her commercialize the business, says this company is definitely a good fit for her.

“She’s very personable,” Allen said. “Very creative minded as well – even though she hasn’t tapped into that much throughout her life. Making that connection with other artists will hopefully make this a success for her.”

Legge says it can be hard to create a name for yourself in the art business; it takes time and networking. But she’s happy she gets to share her dream with so many other talented artists of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Legge doesn’t know exactly where Artsirk will take her, but is always keeping an eye out for more doors to open.