Newfoundland Weather Woes

November 5, 2020 Griffen Stuckless 0

Newfoundland is home to temperamental weather and unpredictable climates – but how do people view it on the West Coast versus the East Coast? Griffen Stuckless Kicker


Hideaway Struggles

October 15, 2020 Griffen Stuckless 0

COVID-19 has impacted bars in different ways – for the Hideaway Pub in Deer Lake, it has had a huge impact that has spurred on a side business. Griffen Stuckless Kicker

Broken Legion Cenotaph

Heart of the community struggles

September 24, 2020 Griffen Stuckless 0

Despite dwindling membership, Deer Lake legion soldiers on. Griffen Stuckless Kicker Legions were once the centre of a community, bringing everybody together – but that tradition seems to be dying out with veterans. Royal Canadian […]