Public Transit in CBS

March 13, 2020 Ken Meeker 0

There are growing voices to bring public transit to Conception Bay South. However, how feasible would it be to get the wheels off the ground? Ken Meeker Kicker

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Ancient Collections

February 27, 2020 Ken Meeker 0

Newfoundland and Labrador certainly has a rich history. Meet some people on the Avalon who have  historic collections far beyond our time and shores. Ken Meeker Kicker


Quoting the Raven

February 14, 2020 Ken Meeker 0

After their ECMA nomination, Kicker’s Ken Meeker catches up with Jordan Coaker, one half of Quote the Raven.  Ken Meeker Kicker


Fighting chance

September 26, 2019 Ken Meeker 0

As students spar and learn Muay Thai, there is another battle brewing behind the scenes.

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Food Fighters

March 15, 2019 Ken Meeker 0

Meet some of the people combating the issue of food security in our province. Ken Meeker Kicker