Snyder acclaimed, retains post as Smith’s Falls fire chief

A new slate of officers has been elected to lead the volunteer firefighters during 2022.

Andrena Teed

Fourteen Smith’s Cove firefighters met at the local fire hall to vote for their officers. Several others participated through designated proxy voters Andrena Teed/Kicker

SMITH’S COVE, N.S. – On Feb. 1, 2022, the Smith’s Cove volunteer fire department held its annual election of officers.

The room buzzed with chatter as the firefighters arrived for the meeting.  The atmosphere of camaraderie and good spirits continued throughout the meeting.

The room was quiet as the firefighters completed their ballots.  Officers were congratulated and applauded when the results were announced. 

Smith’s Cove Fire Department Officers:

The 2022 slate of officers is:
Chief – Joshua Snyder (acclaimed)
Deputy Chief – Brandon Brinton (acclaimed)
Assistant Deputy Chief – Alexander Elderkin
First Captain – Bryson Stanton
Second Captain – Brandon Milner
First Lieutenant – Chris Titus
Second Lieutenant – Jordan Deveau  (acclaimed)
Third Lieutenant – James Titus
Training Officer – Brandon Brinton (acclaimed)
Assistant Training Officer (not an official position) – Brandon Milner
Accountability/Safety Officer – Hannah Charlton

The officers are elected by the volunteer firefighters.  The eight officers in the volunteer fire department guide and direct the firefighters. The chief is responsible for the entire department, the firefighters and the safety of the community.  The officers who serve under his direction help the fire department run efficiently and effectively.

Snyder will send the results of the election to Ted Leighton, the Smiths Cove Fire Department board president. He will circulate the list to the board members.  Then it will approve the slate of Officers.

“If this is what the firefighters want, it’s all OK with them,” said Chief Josh Snyder. 

Hannah Charlton, a designated proxy voter, checks for votes sent by text message to her phone.  Proxy voting helped increase the number of active participants in this year’s Smith Falls Fire Department election of officers. Andrena Teed/Kicker

Some firefighters were unable to attend this meeting because they had work, school or health commitments.  Designated proxies accepted the votes sent by text from those wishing to participate in the election but unable to attend in person.  The text was shown to another designated person to check and verify the vote.  This new procedure increased the number of active participants.

Josh Snyder has been chief of the Smith’s Cove Fire Department since 2017.     Andrena Teed/Kicker

In his monthly report to the firefighters, Snyder said the fire department had responded to two calls during January.  It offered mutual aid at a structure fire in another jurisdiction.  It assisted at a motor vehicle accident in which there were no injuries.

Snyder reported repairs have already started on the water damage to the fire hall recently caused by frozen pipes.  The tanker was taken out of service to give workmen the space they need to repair the damage.

The Smith’s Cove Fire Department has 28 volunteer firefighters.   Five are currently taking Level 1 firefighter training.  Some of the firefighters have medical first responder training. A few are trained as both Level 1 and medical first responders.  The fire department is well-prepared to respond to emergency calls. 

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