Foxtrap softball field getting a new lease on life

New ownership means long-awaited upgrades to All Saints Primary School grounds may finally begin. 

Kyle Richards

Clean up is well underway at the site of the former All Saints Primary School
Clean up is well underway at the site of the former All Saints Primary School. Kyle Richards / Kicker

Demolition of the All Saints Primary School in Foxtrap, Conception Bay South, has been completed – clearing the way for the CBS Minor Softball Association’s Field of Dreams. 

This project began late in 2019 when the CBS Minor Softball Association purchased the old primary school from the town. 

The field that was adjacent to the school has hosted generations of little softball players, and now it’s getting a fresh upgrade for generations to come. 

Jill Warren, coach and executive member of the CBS Minor Softball Association, says that this Field of Dreams project is more than just an upgrade to the softball diamond. 

“Of course, the field will get some upgrades such as new dugouts, but our vision is to one day have a playground and an accessible clubhouse. We want to develop this into something the whole community can enjoy.”

First things first – bathrooms. 

The top priority on the upgrade list is some basic amenities.

Warren says around 300 kids between the ages of four and sixteen play softball at this field every summer and there have never been any proper washrooms.

Now that demolition is complete, construction can begin on a temporary clubhouse with washrooms and a kitchenette. 

Once CBS Minor Softball acquired the property in 2019, it could officially begin fundraising and breaking ground with construction. However, this project has been years in the making. 

All Saints Primary School has been formally closed since 1992. After the closure, the property slowly deteriorated. 

Warrick Cluney, president of the Lions Club in C.B.S, says residents have always seen the potential of this property on All Saints Road and he’s glad developments can finally begin. 

The Lions Club has partnered with the CBS Minor Softball Association to help cover some of the demolition fees – a sum of up to $30,000.

“Years ago we [The Lions Club] had the same idea as the CBS Minor Softball Association to transform this unused lot into a community space,” Cluney said. “But, due to issues involving ownership of the property it was never feasible.” 

Now that CBS Minor Softball has full ownership, Cluney expects this project to finally take off.

“They’re a really great group, and it’s amazing what they’ve done.”

The Lions Club will also help facilitate a Bingo fundraiser once a month on behalf of the Field of Dreams. 

With full ownership comes full financial responsibility for the property. Warren says without the support of the community, the softball association could never have done it. 

“We know it’s a hard time for everybody, but every little bit helps,” Warren said. “We’re always in need of more volunteers.”

To raise funds for this project the CBS Minor Softball Association will host Bingo every Thursday for the foreseeable future. All proceeds will go directly to the Field of Dreams.


  1. Great article Kyle. It was an absolute pleasure to talk with you about our Field of Dreams project. Looking forward to all things to come for CBS Minor Softball 🥎
    Thanks for reaching out 🙂
    Happy Holidays!

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