Fairy tale trio charms

Princesses sprinkle the island with magic and martial the power of volunteering

Princess Ariel
Princess Ariel engages a child and gives them a little bit of magic. Hayley Read is a volunteer princess and part of the group Spoonful of Sugar. Amy Cleary/Kicker

Amy Cleary

A trio of swishing skirts of green, blue, and gold gracefully climb the small staircase of a bungalow in Bowring Park on a dull Saturday morning.


Ariel, Belle, and Cinderella, who call themselves Spoonful of Sugar, decided to start their magical adventure on the creepiest day of the year.

“It kind of started with the Halloween costume,” said Sydney Rice, portrays Cinderella.

Emmalee Lethbridge, dressed in gold as princess Belle, gave more detail about the spooky night and the birth of the princesses.

“I was making a Moana costume for Halloween and putting a lot of work into it,” said Lethbridge.

But it was the volunteer work and putting smiles on children’s faces that really drove the trio to continue on.

Ariel, portrayed by Hayley Read, has long flowing red hair and a ocean green dress that Hans Christen Anderson would be proud of.

“I know that where we live in Newfoundland some people are blessed enough to go to places like Disney World or Disney Land and that’s great,” said Read. “A lot of people don’t have that opportunity … for children, it doesn’t matter to them, once they see us they might as well be in Disney World.”

Without the help of cartoon forest creatures, Lethbridge and the princesses memorize their stories and perfect their roles.

“That’s why we put a lot of effort into making sure that every detail is perfect, and we know the stories and we know everything inside out, backwards, and then flip it around again,” said Lethbridge.

Stephen B. King, who organized the Royal Princess Tea Party in aid of Ronald McDonald House Charities, calls the trio magical.



“Speaking with the princesses after the performance, I could sense the genuine love they have for bringing smiles to the faces of all the children they meet,” said King. “They are wonderful people who are volunteering their time to bring joy to others. That is an amazing attribute to have today.”















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