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Festival of words and those who weave them runs Oct. 9-14


Poster of the Story Teller Festival

Amy Cleary

Newfoundlanders love a good story, and Christine Hennebury knows how to tell one.

Christine Hennebury
Christine Hennebury

Hennebury and a group of talented storytellers will be telling tales about pirates and other sea-worthy stories at the event on Wednesday night called Ships at the Ship. The event is part of the St. John’s Storytelling Festival which runs Oct. 9-14 at various venues throughout the city.

“I haven’t picked which of my stories that I’m telling but they all have to do with a theme, and the theme has to do with the sea and ships and that sort of thing,” said Hennebury. “It’s either going to be a story about a woman pirate or a story about an octopus.”

The six-day event is going to have something for everyone, according to festival organizer Kailey Bryan.

“Stuff for contemporary storytellers, stuff on the traditional side, stuff for families, stuff for professional development for local storytellers who want to learn new skills or to perfect their craft and learn a different perspective,” said Bryan.

The opening ceremony is at The Rocket Bakery on Tuesday and is one of the most popular events. Named the Storytelling Circle, the event will be hosted by Kelly Russell and feature stories from Sharon King-Campbell and Anne Glover.

The events continue throughout the week with an event featuring Elizabeth Penashue at The Rooms on Oct. 11. She will be sharing stories about her life as an environmental activist.

The last event will be at the Suncor Energy Fluvarium on Oct. 14. It will be hosted by Shoshana Litman and will focus on stories about travelling around the world.

Bryan, like others involved with the festival, knows how important the experience of the festival is for everyone attending.

“There is something special and magnificent about being in a space where you are asked to absolutely turn off your cell phone, and just listen to somebody tell you an incredible story and really want to connect with you,” said Bryan.

More information about the events taking place can be found on the festival’s website. 


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