Art parties on the rise

A night filled with laughter, creativity, and a few cold ones.

Budding artists celebrate their creations during East Coast Art Party NL in Grand Falls. The company hosts numerous such events that teach people how to paint an image while having a fun-filled evening. Scott Roswell/KickerScott Rowsell


A young entrepreneur is looking to bring a fun night of painting to everyone across the island.

Wendy Morgan is the owner of East Coast Art Party NL. While she has been doing these events for over a year, it was only recently that she decided to purchase the company and go fulltime with it.

“These parties are about having fun and enjoying a night out painting with your family and friends,” said Morgan.

For the price of a ticket ($29 and up depending on the event), participants are treated to step-by-step instruction and given everything needed to create their masterpiece, while also given access to a fully stocked bar and food.

On Monday, it was held at Lefty’s Pizza. The local pizzeria is owned and operated by Adrian and Charlotte Whiffen. The couple was more than happy to offer up their restaurant. Tonight’s edition was their third time hosting an art party. They have seen great interest in them over the past few months.

“We are more than happy to offer what we can,” said Adrian Whiffen. “Everyone has got to start somewhere. It is hard to get yourself going, so we’re happy to help and it’s also as much fun for us as it is for them.”

Julie Coffey tries to go to these events as much as possible, while the all-age art parties are something she enjoys with her daughter, tonight was spent with her mother.

“These parties are just fantastic,” said Coffey. “It’s wonderful to be able to experience a lovely night out like this with my mother. We don’t get to do these types of things together as often as I’d like.”

During the evening, guests are treated to fun party games where the winners are put into draws and can win tickets to future events.

The event was advertised as a 19-plus event, but those are not the only parties Morgan offers.

”We have all-age parties where parents can paint along with their kids,” said Morgan. “’Oddly enough I find that kids are much easier to give instructions to when it comes to painting. Adults sort of have their own way of doing things.”

Morgan hopes to bring these parties to summer camps in the coming months, as well as paint your own pet parties which she plans to start doing in March.

“When you purchase your ticket you will upload a picture of your pet, we’ll put it on the canvas and we will show how to paint it when you get there,” said Morgan. “We do all types of fundraisers.”

The pet art party will raise funds for local animal shelters.

At the moment, Morgan sees the parties mostly attended by women, but hopes that will change in the future.

“I would love if we could get more varieties of people to come out as well. We have a lot of fun here,” said Morgan.

You can find East Coast Art Party on Facebook at East Coast Art Party NL or by visiting their website at

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