Cost of education by the litre

Driving back and forth to school is costing students serious coin.

By Jessie Dobbin


Fluctuating gas prices are effecting all drivers, and students are feeling the pinch.

The current price of gas is 126.3 cents per litre. This means a Honda Civic, which has a gas tank capcity of 50 litres, will cost $63.15 to fill up from empty. A RAM 1500, which has a 98 litre tank, will cost $123.77 to fill up from empty.

Student Jacob Deveux had a 30-minute commute to class every morning when he was a university student and living in Conception Bay South.

“It did cost a lot of money,” said Deveux. “It was a lot of wear and tear on the car because apparently, it’s about 75 cents a kilometre on a car to maintain it.”

Deveux is currently a student at the College of the North Atlantic, Prince Phillip Drive campus. He says that he still has the option to drive to school, but chooses to share a ride instead in order to save money.

“When I was going to MUN, I would say I spend 50 bucks a week,” said Deveux. “Since I moved here, I’ve had 20 bucks in my car now for over a month. I just never drive it. I have so many other resources.”

Deveux said driving to CNA would be more difficult and expensive with the rising price of gas, but doable if necessary.

“It’d be way more (expensive) now. I’d say I’d be able to (drive to school), but I wouldn’t be able to do anything else,” said Deveux.

Keyin College student Kelsey Evans fuels up in Greens Harbour. The price of gas is slightly higher in Greens Harbour than in St. John’s. Jessie Dobbin/Kicker

Kelsey Evans is an animal grooming student at Keyin College in Carbonear. She drives for 15 to 20 minutes to be on time for her 8:30 a.m class. Evan’s says she doesn’t enjoy the commute.

“The car is pretty good on gas, it doesn’t really burn a lot to go across,” said Evans. “Depending on how much driving we’re doing, the gas probably lasts about two weeks and costs about $50 to $60 to fill it up.”

Evans lives in Heart’s Delight, and her course is only four months long, so she says that she will manage the costs.



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