Cue the romance

Dooly’s on Water Street is the newest dating destination in the city – but they’ve added a playful twist.

Beth Penney

Amanda Hammond from Dooly’s on Water Street has found a unique solution to swiping right. It’s speed dating, but not the kind singles are used to.

Amanda Hammond organizes Dooly’s speed dating. She is working on ways to attract more females to participate. Beth Penney/Kicker

Typical speed dating is an organized matchmaking process where men and women are rotated to meet each other over a series of short dates. Dooly’s is giving the process a new twist by incorporating a 15-minute game of pool into each date.

“It’s a great ice breaker,” said Hammond. “If during one of the dates you realize you’re not very interested, you can just concentrate on the game of pool instead.”

Hammond provides participants with a helpful guideline sheet with some basic questions, creative questions and even questions that one should avoid asking on the first date. But no tips, she says, on impressing the date with some expertise in pool playing.

So far Hammond’s biggest obstacle has been appealing to female participants.

“I will do whatever it takes to get girls down here,” said Hammond.

Hammond is working on different approaches to attract more females. She has introduced a policy where if you bring two of your girlfriends with you, you play for free.

Dooly’s employee Claire Hanley says once the word about the event spreads, more females will be willing to participate.

“A lot of girls are sick of Tinder and meeting up downtown nowadays,” said Hanley.

It’s a much safer option , she says, when compared to apps like Tinder.

“I’ve met up with people from Tinder, and it’s been scary,” said Hanley.

St. John’s locals are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for the next round of speed dating at Dooly’s. Even if they don’t find the love of their life, at least they’ll get to improve their pool skills.