‘We’re stalkers, but the good kind’

Helping out those in need the right thing to do for local couple.

Helping out those in need is the right thing to do for local couple.


Jason Sheppard

David Jeenes and Donna Connors distribute “best kind” packages to the homeless in St. John’s. They believe small acts of kindness are the right thing to do. Jason Sheppard/Kicker

David Jeenes and his partner Donna Connors often drive around downtown streets, looking for individuals who are homeless.

They hand out packages, called “best kind” bags, containing food items, warm hats, hand cream, gloves and other necessities.

The doorway of Tim Horton’s on Duckworth Street, said Jeenes, is a popular spot for the pair.

“On Sundays, a number of homeless people will use doorways for shelter,” said Jeenes. “They hope that somebody will offer them a cup of coffee.”

The couple have been helping homeless throughout the city for over a year. Jeenes, a former soldier, says one of his main motivators came from hearing stories about homeless veterans.

“That’s what raised my awareness of people living on the streets and what their stories were and what got them there,” said Jeenes. “Regardless of what their background is, what they’ve done in the past, what their story is. Everybody needs a helping hand.”

Connors says recently he spotted an individual without gloves or a hat during a cold afternoon on Water St. She recognized this man as someone she had helped before. The couple worked quickly to provide the man with one of their Best Kind bags.

“There are wonderful services happening here but more needs to be happening,” said Connors.

Along with help from close family and friends, the couple funds the work they do. For Jeenes’ recent birthday party in January, guests were asked to bring items to help them continue their work.

“It’s just grassroots level. It’s just one person helping another person out.”

Anything helps, said Connors.

“People are quite thankful for anything you’re going to give them,” said Connors. “It takes no time out of your day and people on the receiving end are absolutely 100 per cent appreciative of anything.”

Jeenes says they don’t make a big deal of the work they do.

“It’s only close personal friends and family (that) we ask to donate,” said Jeenes. “It’s just grassroots level. It’s just one person helping another person out.”

The couple says they have no intention of stopping.

“As long as there are people out there who need it, we should all do our own little bit, whatever it may be,” said Jeenes.