Bumpy roads ahead

November 26, 2020 Patrick Newhook 0

The community of Dildo has become popular with tourists. They go there to get photos with the sign and to visit small businesses, they aren’t going out to drive over potholes. Despite the town’s immense […]


Settling a resettled town

November 12, 2020 Patrick Newhook 0

The community of Spreadeagle was a community that was fully resettled by the year 1969. Now people are beginning to come back. Kicker’s Patrick Newhook goes to Spreadeagle to uncover why people are moving back. […]


Lorna Budgell’s Polka Dot Trot

October 29, 2020 Patrick Newhook 0 Patrick Newhook Kicker News Despite being diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Lorna Budgell hasn’t given up hope. Lorna has been hosting the Polka Dot Trot for years to help raise money for patients undergoing […]